Primary School Music Workshops

Little Music Makers runs outreach workshops for Primary Schools.  All workshops are age appropriate and highly interactive.  Workshops stimulate children cognitively, socially and of course musically.

Little Music Makers workshops have been running in Primary schools in Co Meath , Co Louth and Co Dublin areas, as well as  Library workshops and children’s festival workshops.

One off sessions or a series of sessions are available.  Classes are suitable for Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd classes.

Content includes:symbols

‘Lets make music’
Composing & Improvisation
Rhythm, counting, basic rudiments
Percussion Orchestra (instruments for every child)
Bell and Chimes for each child.
Mr Flute and Miss Recorder stories
Music Notation for 1st and 2nd class
‘We made music’

In session bookings, i.e. once a week/month, classes are programmed to progress and develop over the time frame and will include a foundation in the theory of music.

Each session is 40minutes with approx 30 children per session depending on class size.  It is necessary for the class teacher to be present in the workshop.